• ARINC is founded in 1929, and from November 2018 onward operates as part of Collins Aerospace an American technology corporation that is one of the world's largest suppliers of aerospace and defence products. The company reported $26 billion of combined sales in 2019 and is composed of 68,000 employees.

    Collins Aerospace’s ARINC GLOBALinkSM voice and data infrastructure is the most modern and reliable in the world. Seamless network enables air crews to communicate and exchange information with ground crews and airline host systems anywhere without interruption. Whether it’s ground- to-ground, air-to-ground, satellite based, IP based, dispatch console control or any other communication requirement, we know exactly what airlines need.
  • Aeronautical Radio of Thailand (AeroThai) is a state enterprise under the Ministry of Transport of Thailand. AeroThai was founded in 1948 by airlines to provide air traffic control and aeronautical communication services for airline operations.

    Collins Aerospace together with AeroThai manages and controls Arinc Globalink operations in Asia Pacific region, therefore Globalindo with support from Aero Thai manages and controls Indonesia Remote Ground Stations.