A Continuous Journey of Achievement
PT. Globalindo Reka Praya or further referred to as Globalindo, was established in mid 2020, formed by professional management consultants within the telecommunications, information technology, transportation and business advisory industry.

Globalindo was formed with the spirit of conducting proper business ethics and practices accordingly as governed by good corporate governance ethics and practices. Hence the company tagline Do It Right from the Beginning, as the company founders firmly believed that conducting business properly in the interest of the clients, stakeholders, management and the community at large will eventually benefit all parties involved, in terms of profitability and sustainability.

By implementing directly the company’s spirit in governing its business practices has proven to have a positive outcome by forming partnerships with international companies, notably among others by Globalindo being assigned as Country Partner with Collins Aerospace, a leading American technology corporation providing aerospace and defense products and services. This incorporates the responsibility of managing and operating the 8 Remote Ground Station in providing GLOBALink Air to Ground Datalink Communication, encompassing Indonesia’s overall area, a major feat in itself. Considering that Globalindo is a relatively young company, this significant achievement of trust has proven the capability of the company’s core team management and business expertise.

Globalindo is continuously committed to foster and expand relationships with both international and local partners as according to the founder’s expertise, vision and mission and the commitment to establish the company’s credibility and sustainability.

To be a prominent player in the aviation sector in Indonesia by becoming a highly trusted partner in developing, constructing and empowering relationships with clients and partners in realizing their values in achieving mutual beneficial objectives.

Our mission is to build a robust foundation of business infrastructure to enable our company to strive for sustainable growth yet be adaptive to any business challenges, by doing the following,
Clean Practices
We conduct all business activities in accordance with Good Corporate Governance (GCG) principles
Sustainable Business
We strive to significantly grow to ensure our partners have sustainable business in Indonesia
People First
We focus on developing and enhancing our people to achieve their full potential and highest performance quality. We involve them in comprehensive approaches to ensure clients are provided with the best solutions and services

Integrity, Honesty and Trustworthiness
Globalindo recognizes the importance of behaving with integrity and apply high standards in conducting daily work behavior by demonstrating responsibility, honesty and transparent leadership and management.
Teamwork and Mutual Respect
All parties can rely on being treated respectfully, fairly and justly which are applied not only through interactions but also during daily work as a team.
Caring and Responsibility
In completing every day tasks, all employees’ must always act on the basis of caring towards others, and be helpful while also managing to embrace each other’s responsibility according each respective role and job functions.
Excellence and Self Improvement
Globalindo recognizes that excellence in performance for all employees is achieved through continuous self-improvement. Talent and skills development is pivotal in keeping pace with the clients needs and business goals.
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Globalindo encourages the establishment of a workplace that is a source of creativity, innovation and new initiatives.
Globalindo applies a simple, uncomplicated approach in all work and services, without comprising on the quality and excellence of the end results