Management Consulting

Equiped with experience in key industries and diverse functional capabilities, Globalindo help clients lead transformational change, create new organizational models, capture value from their customers and develop strategies to increase the efficiency of their supply chains and achieve optimum utilization of their assets.

Globalindo unleash client's value by articulating strategy into all aspects of the organization. These are achieve by improving governance and risk management practices, redesigning and transforming organizational structures, and executing performance initiatives. We assist corporations to determine the fundamental drivers and help formalize the initiatives required to implement changes with approach that ensures both financial and non-financial aspects are integrated and complementary to each other.

Globalindo offers the following services:

  • Strategic plan developments
  • Corporate vision building and articulation
  • Feasibility study and business plan development
  • Business review
  • Strategic Management Office (SMO)
  • Program Management Office (PMO)